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How to Create, Use, and Import with XMRWallet

Monero is a cryptocurrency designed with privacy in mind. RingCT, ring signatures, stealth addresses, and Dandelion++ are cryptographic technologies that hide not just the identities of the parties involved, but also obfuscates transactions and XMR amounts. Security experts recommend crypto investors to keep the bulk of their digital assets in a hardware wallet, but XMR traders and users need a reliable and secure light wallet that will support their day-to-day transactions.

XMRWallet is a web-based Monero wallet that does not take a lot of space and processing power on your computer. It is open-source, which means anyone can check the code and any malicious ones will be exposed immediately. If you are a developer, you can suggest updates that will improve its performance. XMRWallet doesn’t require you to register, provide an email address, or any other information that can identify you. You also hold your own keys and have sole access to your funds. The dashboard is very simple and user-friendly. XMRWallet has implemented Monero’s latest upgrade, and it’s absolutely free.

Creating your XMRWallet

1. Go to - Make sure that your browser has the correct domain name to avoid any phishing attacks.

2. Click on “Create XMR Wallet.”

creating an xmr wallet

3. The create page will open with a reminder to save your 25-word seed (if it’s your first Monero wallet).

save monero wallet 25-word seed

4. Write down your seed. You can also save and print it by clicking on the printer icon next to the seed. Make sure you keep it in a safe place. Confirm your seed by typing them on the space provided. Click “I’VE WRITTEN DOWN MY SEED, LOG ME IN.”

5. The dashboard will open and you can immediately start sending and receiving XMR.

monero wallet dashboard

Using XMRWallet

1. You can log in by using your seed or your public key. Simply click on the appropriate tab, type your seed or key in, and click “ENTER MY ACCOUNT.” XMRWallet supports multiple languages. Change it by clicking on the menu found at lower center of the page.

login to your xmr wallet

2. To send XMR, click on “View” under Send or “Send” on the left side of the dashboard. Type the receiver’s address and amount. Click “SEND PAYMENT.”

sending and receiving monero

3. To receive XMR, click on “View” under Receive or “Receive” on the left side of the dashboard. You have the option to send the address or the QR code to the sender.

receive monero xmr in your wallet

4. You can check your transactions by clicking on “Transactions” on the left side of the dashboard. If you need help on anything, click “Support.” Log out of your account by clicking “Quit.” XMRWallet also automatically logs out after a short period of inactivity.

Importing from another Monero wallet

1. Go to - Make sure that your browser has the correct domain name to avoid any phishing attacks.

2. Click on “Login.”

import monero xmr wallet seed

3. You can log in by using your original, paper wallet, 13-word, or 24-word seed. Type your seed on the appropriate space, and click “ENTER MY ACCOUNT.” Synchronization will take about 25 minutes.

Aside from using Monero and a privacy-centric Monero wallet like XMRWallet, use a VPN to conceal your IP address. Get XMR from decentralized exchanges, instead of centralized ones where you must undergo KYC for regulatory compliance. Use a private browser, such as Brave, or an anonymous one like Tor.

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