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How Can An Ordinary Monero Owner Give Back to the Community?

The Monero Project is an open community where anyone can contribute to every aspect of the continuous development of Monero. As a proponent of decentralization, the project has no central company, entity, or funding behind it. Monero owners should not be misled into thinking that the project only needs developers, coders, or those who have an advanced knowledge of the blockchain. Ordinary Monero holders or non-devs (as the community calls them) CAN give back to the community.

Engage in “Ideas”

Anyone in the Monero community can present an idea for funding through a proposal. Everyone can read the proposal, suggest changes and improvements, or if the proposal should receive funding or not. You can find all proposals at Just click on an idea you’re interested in and it will take you to a GitLab page with all the details. This is the page where you can share your insights on the proposed idea.

Donate to “Funding Required”

Once a proposal has been approved for funding, it will go to the “Funding Required” stage. To donate, simply go to Choose a project and donate any amount by scanning the QR code or copying the address. When a proposal is fully funded, you can check its progress in You view completed proposals in

Donations to the Monero general fund are also welcome, as well as sponsoring programs. The general fund is used in case of emergencies or need, while sponsors cover infrastructure costs.

Educate and empower

You can contribute to the community by sharing your Monero experiences online through a blog, a YouTube tutorial, or social media posts. You can talk about buying and selling XMR, using wallets, sharing merchants that accept Monero, or any other educational subject about Monero.

Reddit is a popular platform for Monero holders. It’s anonymous, has a wide crypto and privacy audience, and you can share personal insights, media, and news. The most popular sub-reddits are:

• r/Monero

• r/monerosupport-this sub-reddit is an exceptional place to help, especially if you have been using Monero for a while and are familiar with everything Monero

• r/MoneroCommunity

• r/MoneroMining

• r/xmrtrader

Twitter is also a common place for Monero users to learn and engage with the community. You can follow known XMR advocates such as @LocalMoneroCo and @sethforprivacy, as well as other cryptocurrency experts.

If you’re not into social media, Monero has IRC channels where you can chat with other users. You can find a list of the channels on

Translating all things Monero

If you are fluent in another language, the community welcomes help in this area. There is always a need to translate Monero website, guides, CLI and GUI wallets, etc. from English to another language. Translation is one step towards the wider and mainstream use of XMR. You can find a list of translation needs at

Mine for XMR

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, mining for XMR does not require ASIC hardware or sophisticated computer knowledge. The user interfaces for solo mining and mining pools are straightforward. You can download the instructions from Aside from receiving XMR for your efforts, mining ensures the safety of the network.

Before you start mining, make sure you have a web-based Monero wallet to store your XMR. A web-based wallet makes it easy for you to keep what you have mined. Payments to merchants (one more way to support Monero) are also completed quicker while you’re on your computer. Create an XMRWallet account. It’s free and open-source, just like the values that the Monero community holds dear. XMRWallet lets you keep control of your keys and your XMR. You can start mining as soon as you’ve opened an account.

It is this community that made Monero what it is today and will continue to make Monero even better. It is this community that is one reason XMR is worthy of a place in your digital portfolio.

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