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How to Use, A Quick Overview (XMR)

Monero (XMR) is a secure, decentralized digital cash. It’s a crypto coin that’s well-known to provide anonymity, untraceability, and fungibility. XMR is a popular coin for those who appreciate privacy especially with regards to their spending habits. The technologies Ring Signatures and Stealth Addresses keeps the identities of sender and receiver anonymous while RingCT obscures the amount. As a Monero holder or one who’s planning to procure Monero, you’ll need a wallet to keep your XMR.

XMRWallet is an open-source, free Monero wallet. It assists you to have faster, easier, and uninterrupted Monero transactions. It will not require you to give your e-mail address, user name, contact number, or anything else that can identify you. No registration is required and no user logs are kept. Here are the basic steps on how to use XMRWallet.

Create an XMRWallet account by going to and click on “Create XMR Wallet.” You’ll land on a page where you choose from among 10 languages and where your 25-word seed phrase is. Type in your seed to confirm. Don’t forget to write it down and keep it someplace safe and secure. You can have several copies of your seed in different places as backup in case you lose the original. Once you’ve typed in your seed for confirmation, you’ll be logged in your account.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll land on the Account Overview. This page shows your XMR balance, your address, transaction history, and shortcuts to send or receive XMR. On the left side, you’ll find these shortcuts as well in addition to account, support, and quit. Account will show your account details. You’ll find your Seed, Public Account Address, View Key, and Spend Key on this page. In case you lose your Seed, you can log in using your Public Key – a combination of the Public Account Address, your View Key, and your Spend Key.

To send funds, simply click on Send. Type in the receiver’s wallet address, the amount, and click on Send Payment. To receive funds, you may copy/paste your public address and send it to the sender or the QR code that’s also on this page. There are options to type in the amount and a label for your convenience. If you’re sending XMR, you may notice that the balance may not tally. The difference in the amount was used as a transaction fee. There are no fees when you receive money. Once a transaction is completed, this will show up in your transaction history.

The Support link will bring you to the page where you can send an e-mail for assistance or queries, give feedback, and even donate to XMRWallet. Take note that you will be automatically logged off after 30 minutes of being left idle, but don’t forget to click on Quit when you’re done even if it does this to keep your account secure.

Users prefer XMRWallet for its simplicity, nice interface, and consider it the best Monero wallet. If you don’t have it yet, get yours now!

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