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The Monero Community | Research Lab | Workgroups | Volunteers

Monero has garnered the reputation of being THE privacy coin and rightly so. The technologies of RingCTs, Stealth Addresses, and Ring Signatures ensure that all details of the transaction are kept anonymous. The Monero community, on the other hand, espouses the values of transparency and collaboration. Monero was a code fork from ByteCoin. thankful_for_today utilized valuable features from ByteCoin and integrated them into a new project now known as Monero. This came at the heels of the penchant of ByteCoin’s developer working in secret and making designs and decisions without feedback from the community. Today’s Monero community is decentralized, collaborative, and diverse.

The Monero Core Team

The Core Team manages critical tasks for Monero. It is the primary arbiter of the Forum Funding System, the codebase manager of the Monero project, stewards for the general donation fund, trusted signers and distributors of Monero software and related technologies, and works with the community in creating a roadmap for the Monero Project.

The Monero Research Lab

This is where researchers, academics, and cryptographers conduct research and studies to further improve Monero. Their papers and findings can be found on

The Monero Workgroups

These are smaller teams of individuals around the world that work together towards a specific goal or project. There’s a workgroup that does translations and another that helps users with software issues.


Anyone can contribute by supporting the Monero network in different ways.

• Run a node – this ensures that the network is kept safe and decentralized

• Develop – Monero is open source and permission-less. One can contribute in tools that are stewarded by the core team, development of libraries, services, documentation and graphic, and many, many more.

• Mine – this is another way to help keep network safety and with Monero’s resistance to ASIC, one can use an ordinary desktop computer to mine

• Donate – funds are used in case of emergencies

• Sponsor – covers infrastructure costs

It is this community that made Monero what it is today and will continue to make Monero even better. It is this community that is one of the reasons why XMR is worthy of a place in your digital portfolio.

Monero is a cryptocurrency coin that is truly privacy-centric. All transactions are guaranteed to remain anonymous. The identities of senders and recipients as well as the transaction amounts are obfuscated. XMR can be used as payment for goods and services with over 1,000 merchants worldwide that accept it. For long-term investment, Wallet Investor forecasts Monero going up to $261.55 in January 2023 and $702.4 by January 2027.

It is important to note that forecasts are not a substitute for due diligence. Make your own research before investing.

If you don’t think that you have the skills to contribute to the Monero community, you can still show support by mining XMR or donating. Before you start mining or donating, make sure you have a web-based Monero wallet to store your XMR. A web-based wallet makes it easy for you to keep what you have mined or to send donations. Payments to merchants are also completed quicker while you’re on your computer. Create an XMRWallet account. It’s free and open-source, just like the values that the Monero community holds dear. XMRWallet lets you keep control of your keys and your XMR. You can start mining and/or donate as soon as you’ve opened an account.

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